For over 25 years I’ve created some of the most unique, innovative, iconic products and brands in skateboarding. Now I embark on a new chapter, a continuation of a legacy. This time I’m building a lifestyle brand routed in positivity and passion with a hint of punk.

@forwinbrandco  A brand that is classically progressive, respectfully cunning, fashion forward, socially and eco-conscious. Karma-free footwear… Yeah they’re Vegan but you don’t need to be, just have a clear conscious knowing these shoes are guilt free. We hope our products help you along your path and a better place for us all.

I’m respectfully starting from scratch, no big money backers, all hustle from ground zero. This is done purposely to create the struggle that makes legends, legendary brands and timeless products. Struggle and passion create a story, one for people to believe in. Believe, not just in me but also in my fellowship of brand building pioneers and the products we create. Our small multi-talented crew is working around the clock, breaking our backs so you get the most affordable trending footwear without breaking the bank.

Please join me and my crew as we set off to make footwear history.

No paid influencers, bots or gimmicks. Just true believers, Dreamers of dreams and creators of cool. Grow with us as we "build a revolution one sole at a time"

Your humble servant,

Brian Reid
And Forwin Crew